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Jeremy Tsang

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Mikromaladang is a large scale communal sculptural couch that seeks to explore the notions of utilitarian and industrial designed objects, and in this case specifically couches. With the exhibition of this work being at outdoor summer festivals, this work plays up the outdoor elements in a playful manner alike to how furniture are often packaged and bungee-cord wrapped up during transportation and delivery. The title of the work, “Mikromaladang”, is a play on words from Cantonese and Greek origin which plays homage to industrial designers (in this case the two artist collaborators) where they would create a new word by combining various words to incorporate a larger meaning to describe their project. The assembled title contains fragments of meanings of being large, soft, hard, and small which alludes to the physicality of the actual work. As part of the selection of PULP Reclaimed Art & Design Projects for this year’s street festivals across Toronto, Mikromaladang contains mainly reclaimed Etha-Foam from local mascot designers and makers in Toronto. Each piece of these foam materials (negative residual space) is informed by the original shapes and figures being craved by the mascoteers. This sculptural couch dramatizes its value and alludes to a grandiose designer furniture through being created to be oddly oversized and ostentatious in shapes and then being hidden underneath usual packaging cloth material, industrial plastic wrapped and accessorized with bright coloured bungee cords.

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Card Yard

Rotem Yaniv

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PULP: Obstacle

PULP: Make is a pop-up playground made of plywood and reclaimed cardboard tubes. The installation was originally designed to be a standing wall, however children insisted it works better horizontal, and we had to admit they had a point. This installation was designed with Peter Kelly.

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Card Yard

Rotem Yaniv

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PULP: Make

Inspired by PULP: Obstacle and its ability to invite festival visitors to complete a half built structure, PULP: Make is a new art installation that aims to allow for pop-up architecture. Six 4×8′ plywood panels will be machine cut to different forms. These forms will have circular holes the size of cardboard tubes, allowing for easy connections. You are invited to join us and create a bench, sea saw, a table, and even a full size pavilion.

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Card Yard

Ksenija Spasic

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Caseta Tent

At the request of Larissa, our flamenco performer (see more information on the Performance and Activity pages), artist Ksenija Spasic took the challenge of creating a Spanish style caseta tent. Colourful lanterns made of used pop cans will decorate Larissa’s tent and cast shadows as the sun goes down.

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Card Yard

The Great Baldini

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The Great Baldini Magic Show and Magic Tent

Baldini will demonstrate the difference between magic and illusion at the Card-yard stage on Brock and Bloor. He will also entertain passersby at his tent near the stage. Visitors are promised to learn a trick!

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Card Yard

Ben Bootsma

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Music by Ben Bootsma

Local musician Ben Boostma is bringing his guitar and his heart to our summer events. Ben will bring his cool sound to a hot day (at least we hope it will be).

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Card Yard

Ksenija Spasic

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Music by Ben Bootsma

Calling all ages to make a mess! Festival goers are invited to create a colourful city-scape using architectural models reclaimed from the Daniels School of Architecture. Acrylic paint and brushes provided; show us your city!

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Card Yard

Board Again (Games)

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Board Games by BoardAgain (Games)

BoardAgain will have a couple tables to chat and demo some games! Come say hi! On July 23!

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Card Yard

Party Pucks

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Board Games by BoardAgain (Games)

Join us on Sunday July 24 for some free table hockey experience. All ages welcome at Card-yard on Brock and Bloor!

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Card Yard

Emerging Writers

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Emerging Writers Ultimate Poetry Reading

Working against both the open mic format and the "sit-down-and-frown" traditional reading series, Emerging Writers brings audiences writing that is fresh, engaging, and full of new voices. Readers are emerging writers who have not yet published a book, but all readers are professionally serious. Since March 2012, EW has grown to be the "must-attend" monthly reading series and the place where people go to check out new talent. For BIG on Bloor, Emerging Writers will run a showcase of our past readers, including those that have gone on to publish books and win awards. Readers will be reading both poetry and prose.

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Annie Wong

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The Maze of La Vie Maison

Staying past midnight to finish up paperwork, owner of the furniture store La Vie Maison, Rafia Irum fell asleep at her desk. Unaware of her sleeping state, Irum woke to discover that all the furniture in the store had re-arranged itself into a maze. At every corner she was confronted by a knock-knock joke that plunged her deeper into the labyrinth of her dream. The Maze of La Vie Maison is a reconstruction of Irum’s dream inviting participants to wander through the maze and make sense of the mysteries that dwell in the store’s living furniture.

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justin schwab

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jouez ~ west stage

I'm curating entertainment for the stage beside mercer union on July 23

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Melanie Lowe

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Contemporary Cat Lady

Contemporary Cat Lady brings an ever-expanding collection of cat figurines outdoors and onto the street for the Big on Bloor festival. Some are handmade, while others are mass-produced, but all have been given away or discarded. These objects have been held onto for a time out of sentimentality or simply forgotten. Contemporary Cat Lady gives them a new home in this 'cat colony' collection, carefully selected from secondhand stores.

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Andrew and Sheila Owen A01 and Yihua Hu

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For JOUEZ 2016 A01& UnoHu (Andrew Owen A01 & Sheila Yihua Hu) will present SOLARGRAPHIC FLOWERS AND DANCE (weather permitting). On Saturday 23 they will be presenting a free public workshop for anyone to participate in creating their own small solargraphic flower prints, using only natural sunlight, flowers and water on photosensitized cotton paper. The prints created will be of the highest fine art quality (suitable for framing at 11 x 14 ins.) and free for the public. On Sunday July 24 between 11 am and 2 pm they will present the live production of two massive 3 x 4 m (9 x 13 ft.) solargraphic prints with human figures recreating DANCE, the world renown painting by Matisse, along with smaller solargraphic prints with human figures. Volunteers are invited to participate on Sunday, July 24 (meet at 10 am - print at 12:30 pm), as either posing models (in skin-tight bathing suits or clothing) to pose perfectly still on the massive 9 x 13 ft. photosensitized fabric panels in direct sunlight for 15 minutes, or as production assistants to help manipulate a large shade tarpaulin employed to create the works. Please come visit us in the Tennis Courts at the corner of Bloor and Dufferin Streets on Saturday, July 23 to sign up for SOLARGRAPHIC DANCE on Sunday, July 24! All are welcome to watch or participate! Should the weather not permit SOLARGRAPHICS, A01 & UnoHu will present United Diversity Portraits: a free public workshop for the public to create remarkably weird and wonderful hybrid portraits composed from close-up digital prints of many different people's facial features shot, printed, and composed live on-site.


Alexander Pilis

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Sightless Drawings

Children will be wear a sightless pair of glasses and given a 35cm X 30cm sheet of paper and colour pencils in order to produce drawings from their past experiences. They will be asked to draw an important and memorable place that they remember from the past or an experience that had an impact on their lives. The intent of the “Sightless Drawings” project is to generate drawings by children that will reveal a set of important issues regarding architecture, the city, the environment and their relationship to objects. These questions are part of Alexander Pilis’ on going research that questions how we see, what we see and what we remember.

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Mercer Union

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Jason Dodge with CAConrad Width of a Witch

Mercer Union and Kunstverein Toronto are delighted to present a solo exhibition by Jason Dodge with CAConrad titled Width of a Witch. The exhibition opened with a reading by the American poet CAConrad of MARFA POETRY MACHINE in 36 Things: Width of a Witch, the written dimension of the show published in a new chapbook to accompany the exhibition.

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Shantel Miller

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Looking and Seeing

Looking and Seeing is an installation that makes use of multiple peepholes for viewers to peer into the enclosed studio space of visual artist, Shantel Miller as she works on her ongoing series of paintings, the Side Profile. Through this project, the artist seeks to explores ideas related to the surveillance of black bodies and the politics of looking.

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Andrew Harwood

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Mme. Zsa Zsa, The $2 Psychic

A drag/social-relativist performance that involves the artist Andrew Harwood dressing as Mme. Zsa Zsa, his alter ego, to tell the public's "fortunes".

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Paul Butler

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The Collage Party

The Collage Party is a nomadic studio made open to the public where participants come together to make art in a social setting. Since 1997, The Collage Party has been staged throughout North America and Europe in museums, private residences, public schools, universities, hospitals, department stores, and community centres.

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cheyanne turions

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Video program.

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Patrick DeCoste

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The House on Hawthorne

The House on Hawthorne is an immersive installation that re-imagines the artist’s childhood home in Antigonish, Nova Scotia, where he learned step dancing from his father. Visitors will have a chance to learn some dance steps and perform in front of a video camera.

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Max Kinsella

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Finn and Wolf Media present: Sonic Toronto

Finn and Wolf Media showcase local Toronto bands, in a variety of different sounds and atmospheres. Saturday is Rock and Roll focused, with some young up-and-coming bands as well as some veteran players, with genres ranging from folk rock, to traditional Rock n' Roll, to Punk inspired Rock, to Psychedelic Surf Rock. Sunday focuses on local Funk and RnB acts, chalk full of exceptional players and souls. Sonic Toronto aims to give the Big on Bloor audience a wide range of different sounds and styles, to open ears to the vast selections and scenes of music in our much-loved city.

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Andy Fabo

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Dreambooks - Playing with Imagination.

Participants in this project will create an artistic bookwork by using one of the simplest and oldest of formats, the accordion book. Once the book is made, the participants will use the Surrealist technique of automatism to create the images or abstractions on the pages of the book. They will be instructed to relax, clear their minds and create a series of images from their intuitive minds, basically drawing in a wakeful dream state, trying to avoid any self-censorship or overt pre-planning. This was a technique the Surrealists developed in both visual art and literature for drawing from subconscious or unconscious mind to create artistic works. It is also known as stream of consciousness. The participants would select the size of the book from pre-cut cardboard covers, fold pre-cut paper strips and glue the covers to the opposite ends of the folded paper, a format used most often in Asian bookmaking. Crayons, sharpies, ink pins and watercolours will be provided for the participants, creating their books which they will take away with them as souvenirs of their foray into Surrealist bookmaking. They will learn trust their unbridled imaginations rather than clinging to rigid preplanned art making. The motto of our project: “Spontaneity over predetermination!”

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Eva + Leslie Kolcze and Supnet

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Drawing on Film

Learn how to make a 16mm animated film loop using stickers and colourful markers to create lines, dots, stripes and other abstractions. Watch your drawings flicker, bounce and come to life on a 16mm projector with Toronto-based film artists Eva Kolcze and Leslie Supnet.

Drawing on Film  logo

iain Downie

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I will create an artwork with the communities participation. It will represent the coming together of the community. I ask the people of the community to help me create starbursts, by wrapping wooden dowels with a variety of yarns, that I will then bind together. The starbursts will take on a life of their own guided by the imagination of others.

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